Radio Nahmaste

Radio Nahmaste was a fairly short lived consciousness talk radio show hosted by Sarah Nash, aka "The Blue Collar Goddess." It offered up "a Different Brand of Enlightenment" every Thursday at 3;00pm US Eastern Time/12:00 Pacific.

Home of the original High Vibration Phuck, Radio Nahmaste was live radio, not a podcast so surprises were possible every time, and quite often happened!

These days Sarah Nash has returned to full time management of her non-profit healing foundation The White Light Express, and she's also the proprietor of Red Dragonfly, an alternative gallery and artspace located in Port Townsend, Washington.

Zen Master Ted served as studio assistant and producer for Radio Nahmaste.

Archives of shows can still be found at the OM Times Radio PodBean portal: Archived Radio Nahmaste shows.

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