Asleep at the Wheel

We live in a world that encourages us to surf through life on autopilot.

Looking towards the distant horizon...
We have created a system that encourages us to not think for ourselves-- after all there are manuals and guidebooks for everything... so why think for ourselves when someone has already thought for us? Besides, who has the time to think for themselves at the end of a 60-hour work week?

Much is said and written about "Consciousness" and "Waking Up" and "Living in the Present." People talk about the "Ascension" of humanity. But what do these buzzwords really mean? And how do we become more Conscious in our daily lives?

Is is even possible to have a "global definition" for such concepts that-- surely-- are incredibly individual?

From where I am sitting, I say "no." We must each find what we believe Consciousness to be, and then contribute that towards developing a greater and more aware whole.

My Consciousness and your Consciousness may be nothing alike... but I'd expect the underlying intents to be similar: What can we do to leave this world a better place for us having been here?

What does "Consciousness" mean, to you?

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